Application confirmation

After receiving your application, Ulsan College Associate BA in Global Innovation Management will contact you via email and WhatsApp (or other messengers you can reach) to confirm they have received your paperwork and let you know if any changes or additional information is needed. You will need to reply with any changes or additional requests for information in a timely and appropriate manner to keep your application on track.

Notification of interview

Once your paperwork has been finalized, you will wait for notification of your Ulsan College Associate BA in Global Innovation Management Admissions interview. All GIM students are required to complete an interview without exception.


Overseas applicants will be required to do the interview via video call on WhatsApp (or other video media).  Applicants will need to ensure that they have access to a video-capable phone or computer as well as a stable wifi or data connection.

Applicants living in Korea will be scheduled for in-person interviews on the Ulsan College campus. Interviews are conducted in English by the Admission Committee and faculty of the applied major. You will be asked a variety of questions based on your application and intent to study. Interview questions are not given in advance.

Notification of decision

Upon completion of the Ulsan College Associate BA in Global Innovation Management Admissions Week, both accepted and denied students will be contacted via email with the decision of the Ulsan College. Due to the fact that GIM majors are growing quickly and competition for placement in the programs increases each year, admission is not guaranteed. Each applicant is screened comprehensively, which points are awarded for such categories as previous academic GPA, study plan, language proficiency, and interview. 

Tuition payment

Once you have been accepted into the GIM, you will receive an email concerning the initial tuition and fees (click here to read more about Tuition and Fees). In order to secure your enrollment, payment must be made no later than the given deadline stated on the invoice.


For overseas applicants, we strongly suggest your payment be made by someone in Korea on your behalf as overseas bank transfers may take up to 10 business days to reach UC's bank account. Failure to pay your invoice on time may result in admission cancellation so please make payment in a timely manner. To note, funds must arrive to UC's bank account no later than the stated deadline and not just sent by the deadline.

Apply for student visa

Once international students have paid their tuition and secured enrollment, the next step to joining the GIM is to apply for your student visa, which is also known as the D-2 visa in Korea. The GIM will mail a certificate of admission (COA) to all international students. For those who live outside of Korea, they will need to take the COA and apply for a student visa at the nearest Korean Embassy. Since each country's embassy varies, it is important to check which additional documents you will need to submit to apply for your visa. 

For international students who reside in Korea, they will need to submit student visa paperwork to the GIM office.

Those who are already living and working in Korea legally on an employer-sponsored visa (e.g., E-7, E-2, F-4, F-5), you do not need to apply for a student visa and can begin your studies at the GIM on your current visa.  

Attend orientation

Each new group of students is also required to complete a required GIM Orientation Day. Orientation dates and schedules vary based on a variety of factors but usually take place one week before classes begin. During the orientation, students will receive their semester time table, meet with the professors of their majors, create their UC email accounts, and go on a campus tour where they will be able to see the library, gym access (student discounts offered), and much more. 


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